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Re: parport printer problem under kernel 2.6 with asus mainboard

Hi Hendrik,

On 30.07.2004 15:04, Hendrik Fuß wrote:

are there known problems with parport on asus mainboards or is it just
my fault? /dev/lp0 behaves like /dev/null, everything I print just
disappears, no error or log messages. Even echo "hello world" > /dev/lp0
doesn't do anything.

Under 2.4 kernels everything works as expected.

I had similar problems, when I switched to 2.6 ... although the modules are loaded printing does not work.

As a workaround - that worked for me:

- unload lp and parport_pc manually and reload them

Then printing worked ...

It seems taht 2.6 has problems with correctly recognizing the parport. If you look at your boot messages you will probably see, that neither ecp or epp is detected, but that your parport is set to polling or something similar although the bios setting say other.

When I manually loaded the modules ECP was detected as it should be and printing worked.



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