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sarge: kernel & gcc version confusion

Hello all,

I've just moved to debian in the last few days after several years of RH -
usual reasons. Enjoying it very much so far. I installed woody with bf24 kernel
from dl'd CD and just put on the most basic system. I used apt-get to install
x, xfce, mozilla and a few other things.. I then decided to upgrade to sarge
and did a dist-upgrade.

I now want to compile the nvidia drivers for my GeForce3 and have found it
slightly confusing from here. Here are some questions:

- I installed gcc3.3 because this seemed to be appropriate for sarge from
discussions I found on the net but I wasn't sure how to tell. Isn't it safer
that I compile the driver with the same compiler that was used for X and the
kernel? How do I find this out?

- When I used aptitude to get gcc, it also installed a set of kernel headers.
Why is this a dependency for the compiler?

- Not surprisingly, the nvidia installer wants me to download the kernel
headers to match my system - why can't I find headers for the bf24 kernel that
I used initially - presumably becasue I moved up to sarge?

- I assume it would be easier to just grab a new kernel, headers and everything
and rebuild the kernel and then the nvidia driver. Is this likely to be
problematic for other stuff on the system (e.g. X?)

- Under aptitude there is a wide range of header packages available (not at my
machine now so I can't remember them, sorry) for a given kernel - what is the
difference between these? What is the minimum set to do what I want - some
customisation of the kernel and building of other modules like nvidia?

Any other advice, pointers etc gratefully received...

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