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Re: Mozilla/Mozilla Firefox problems on Sid RESOLVED

On Fri, 30 Jul 2004, JMS wrote:

> It certainly shouldn't segfault - that's a pretty serious problem.  What
> architecture is this on?
> You might try setting up a new user and seeing if it runs better then.

Thanks for your reply, Jonathan.  Someone contacted me offlist, saying
they'd had a similar problem and that running the program through strace
had revealed a fonts permission problem.  I then ran Mozilla through
strace and, sure enough, right after a font permission problem is when the
segfault occurred.  I had copied over some fonts from a Windows install,
and had not set proper permissions on them.  Changing the fonts
permissions to the correct mode made the browser run pretty much normally.
So, the problem was resolved.  Don't know why I never had these problems
on earlier versions of Mozilla: maybe they were more tolerant when
requested fonts were not available and defaulted to some other font with
the right permissions?  Anyway, for anyone having this problem, strace is
a good way to find out where the problem area is.  Adjusting font
permissions may well resolve it for you.


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