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How does exim4 format bounce messages

I am running a "Sarge" based Exim4 mail server for the domain 
chandlerfamily.org.uk.  The highest priority MX records point directly at 
this server, although I have a backup route which involves routing the 
messages via pop3 mailboxes at my ISP and picking them up with fetchmail.

Whilst uncovering a problem with clamav and exim4 as a result of the change of 
user (to Debian-exim), I have discovered some other flaws in my 
configuration.  They seems to stem from how bounce messages are treated.

I have two problems

1) I have hundreds of messages sat on my queue.  They are being sent to 
portmaster@myisp with a sender address of @chandlerfamily.org.uk (ie no local 
part) and appear to being frozen because my isp message is bouncing them 
because of no local part.  These messages seem to be a result of me bouncing 
an original spam message (maybe to an invalid address), which my ISP has 
bounced back to me saying address not found which I have bounced back to it 
because it was sent to an invalid address.

This error leads to two questions
a) How do I know a message is a bounce of a bounce so I can discard it rather 
than send it back again
b) How do I get to have added the chandlerfamily.org.uk - it looks like exim 
insistence on having a fully qualified domain name on a null address

2) Fetchmail is seemingly trying to download messages from my isp - but gives 
up after about 8 messages with a line in the log saying protocol error.  The 
messages (even the first 7) are being left in my pop3 mailbox at the isp and 
there are now over 1000 messages there. The error from the log (isp crossed 
out) is as follows

Jul 30 07:39:53 roo fetchmail[2934]: client/server protocol error while 
fetching from xxxxx
Jul 30 07:39:53 roo fetchmail[2934]: Query status=4 (PROTOCOL)

How can I see if this is the result of rejected messages

Alan Chandler
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
 then they fight you, then you win. --Gandhi

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