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Re: Upgrading Perl

Yeah, after looking about a bit I came to the same conclusion, that
it's best not to mess with it. It's up to date for a debian stable
machine, so eh.

Really, the only reason was that we've been using
Cache::SharedMemoryCache to track user logins and such, and that
module is just painfully slow. So slow, that when we get a few hundred
users at a time, it starts timing out, unless we have it expire after
45 minutes. That's fine for now, but then when we get more users, or
when we (almost certianly) want to extend that time out....

So, I was looking, and Cache::FastMmap was great, and exactly what we
needed, but requires perl 5.8.0 or later. The other one I'm looking at
is DB_File (Berkeley DB), which we already use, but doesn't have
expiration built in.

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