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Re: Source ISOs

Lucio Crusca wrote:

Hello everybody.

I'm a Debian CD vendor and a customer asked me the source distribution (woody). However I and my customer both don't know how one can install those CDs, and I'd like to know what exactly a source distribution is before selling one. Is there an installer that compiles packages on the fly? Or should he install the binary for its platform first and then use the sources from the source ISO if he likes?

I don't recall seeing any "source" ISOs. I know there's a lot of binary ISOs - seven for Woody, a dozen or so for Sarge.

You don't need the source unless you want to audit the code (here audit can mean anything connected with reading it), or modify it, perhaps to build it.

Point out to your customer there will be a charge, that the charge will depend on how much source and your time etc.

It might be the customer will only want a few packages, maybe doesn't realise he doesn't actually need them.

If he really does want the lot, use debmirror to get all the source and burn it to CD, DVD or sell him a disk with it on. With a USB enclosure. of course.



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