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Re: creating audio-cd image from mp3/wav

On Thursday 29 July 2004 15:06, Micha Feigin wrote:
> How do I create an audio cd image on disk?
> I tried looking into xcdroast (which I normally use), cdrecord, burn,
> mp3burn and a bunch of other console tools, and it seems that there
> is no problem to write audio directly to cd from wav/mp3/ogg and
> create data iso images on disk, but I couldn't seem to find anything
> that can write an audio-cd image to disk.
> I would rather use xcdroast or command line tool here if possible,
> rather then the gnome/k3b programs (which I don't know if they work
> either)

k3b works fine here. Start a new audio CD project, import all mp3/ogg 
files you wish, and then instruct it to "create image only".

> (I need it in order to write the audio to mini-disk, workaround
> around the ridiculous Sony limitations).

Good luck with that! :-)


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