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RE: Requesting advice on s/w RAID-1 install

> better to ask than to dive in blindly

And I definitely appreciate the responses.

> raid will NOT solve your backup probelms..

No, of course not.  One thing at a time, though.  Once the system is back up
and running and restored from the 5-week old backup, then I'll quickly turn
my attention to a more effective backup strategy.

> but if oyu use 200GB raid disks... you will NOT be able to boot from
> it .. bios just too old

I hadn't thought about that.

So, what if I decide to go out and get a shiny new motherboard.  Unless
things have changed since the last time I bought a motherboard, most of them
have two IDE channels on board.  I know to build a RAID on IDE, I'll want
the disks each as master on their own channel.  Any problem with putting the
CD burner as slave to one of the RAID drives?  How about the idea of
installing first to the old 8G drive, then building the RAID?  In my
example, I was planning on getting a Promise controller, which would have
given me a total of 4 IDE channels.  2 seems a bit limited.

Or would I still need to add the Promise controller?

> good idea ... or better still ... get a free (new) motherboard when you
> buy 2x 200GB disks

Where do you get free motherboards?  Hopefully you aren't picking up on my
comment about my current system being free and thinking I have a source for
free parts.  I meant practically free, as the money was spent years ago and
the board is sitting here waiting to be used.

> not much activity in the raid mailing list lately ... problems all solved

There's a RAID mailing list?

> you have your raid mis-configured if
>	- if you cannot do hands off reboot when any of the disk dies
> you have your system properly configured if
> 	- the system should still work flawlessly even if a disk died
> 	  and keeps working till the 2nd disk dies, than you lost
> 	  everything
>	( it should be able to work w/o kb, w/o monitor )

Okay, it's taking me a few minutes to get my head wrapped around that
concept, but I think I'm catching up.  I figured swapping the cable was
pretty easy, as I have physical access to the machine (it sits in the living
room).  However, what you're describing is even better.  Good to know that
it will work that well when set up properly.

Thanks for the pointers.


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