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Re: Fetchmail through proxy

Hi Marvin Gerardo Aguero Salazar, *,

Marvin Gerardo Aguero Salazar wrote on Wed Jul 28, 2004 at 01:53:15PM -0600:
> I've been assigned to a project overseas, so I am working these days on
> a company that uses a  proxy to access the web.
> Here, fetchmail is not working. My bet is that it is because of the proxy.
You can't run fetchmail with a http/s proxy ... that are 2-3/3-4
different protocols. If you want to run fetchmail you need to ask your
network administrator to give you a route on port 110 (or whatever you
need) in the firewall. He can do this only for your IP.

> A whole bunch of products stopped working. apt-get is no longer working.

unresolvedissue:~# export http_proxy="";
unresolvedissue:~# export ftp_proxy="";
unresolvedissue:~# apt-get update ; apt-get dist-upgrade
this is my setup for working with a http & ftp squid proxy and apt-get
(also wget and other apps are using those vars...) maybe you want to
put those export commands into you /root/.bashrc or /home/user/.bashrc

> I've been doing research for apt-get and fetchmail but haven't figured
> it out yet. :-(

so long,
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