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Re: subdomain NS, making another subdomain on a subdomain

Louie Miranda wrote:

I been given a subdomain, is it possible to make this as another NS?
and is it also possible to manage this subdomain NS and make another
subdomain like


with-out adding entries on the main example.com domain?
It is.
zone "sub.subdomain.example.com IN {


I have this working nicely:
$TTL    86400
$ORIGIN  lists.bert.example.com.
@       IN      SOA     @ root (
                       2004061400      ; serial
                       3H              ; refresh
                       15M             ; retry
                       1W              ; expiry
                       1D )            ; minimum
       IN      NS      @
       IN      MX      10      lists.bert.example.com.
lists.example.com.      IN      A

Would a "NS" record for bind work on a subdomain entry?

Do you mean
sub.subdomain   ns
I think not, depending on which file it's in.



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