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Re: recent Canon printers and Linux

Justinas wrote:

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004 10:48:50 +0800
John Summerfield <debian@ComputerDatasafe.com.au> wrote:

Has anyone had any success at all with Canon I-series printers and Linux?

The requirement is not to print from Linux itself, but to
a) Attach the (USB-only) printer
b) Share it
c) Use it from Windows and Macs.

It's not the kind of Q&A I usually find at Linux Printing Dot Org.



I found them on this site: http://www.canon.co.nz/drivers/index.html , i have been using my i250 @ home on Slackware linux for a while. Thats all, what i remember.

That site doesn't navigate in Moz or Firefix:-((
However, I get the feeling it's going to give me Windows drivers.

What I actually want to do is take a file (via CUPS or whatever) and write it to the printer with no interpretation or manipulation of the data.

I don't want the ability to create Canon printer control language: it's up to the Mac and Windows computers to do that. I do want to know whether the USB componentry is likely to work.



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