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danger - Re: cloning hdb4 to another machine

hi ya wanda

On Tue, 27 Jul 2004, Wanda Round wrote:

> > mount 2omiles-away:/somedirectory /mnt/clone
> Boy do I feel confused. I'm blanking out on how to 
> mount the distant hard drive when I can't network to
> it. (Dialup at home, NO permission at work)

on the 20miles away machine:
	- make sure /home is exported in /etc/exports
	- make sure it only allows nfs from your one ip# on your home pc

	- make sure IT at work knows about it

on the home pc
	- try the mount tests and ssh tests

	ssh you@20miles-away.domain.com date

	-- and similarly they can do "rm -rf /" instead of date

	mount 20miles-away:/somedirectory /mnt/clone
	ls -la /mnt/clone
		- if you see stuff .. you're in ( for good or bad )
		  # do the magic...
		- scp -p /mnt/clone/files-you-want /other-box

	umount /mnt/clone

i assume that by "no permission" it just that the computers
think you do not have permission, and the the folks
at work are willing to let you have work data at home

on the other hand,
one should confirm the "work at home" stuff with the boss
and than have the it folks turn on a little hole in their
corp firewall for you and whom in turn can tell you the
easiest way to get to your data at work 
	- nfs ( bad idea if its not encrypted )
	- ssh ( bad idea if it's password-less )
	- vpn ( bad idea, since corp IT cannot harden your home network)
	- sneakernet ( cdrom, usb, camera, cellphones, .. )
	- others

	( nope, was not a "howto-commit-industrial-espionage" )

c ya

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