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burning a VCD with xcdroast

Sorry, if this is not really a Debian question, but I am getting really frustrated trying to figure this out.

I have created an mpg file (MPEG1) and authored it for vcd. After authoring it, a second mpg file was created along with a xml file. Now originally I thought I just had to burn my first mpg file to a disk and pop it in my DVD player (which does support vcd files). However, it complained that the data was incorrect. Someone stated that I needed to probably author the mpg file and another person said that instead of creating a vcd I probably just created a data cd.

So my question is this: I am using xcdroast. I think I have correctly authored the mpg file. So now do I just burn the 2 files to a disk or is there some special way I need to burn it? For example, maybe I need to create an iso or I've seen a lot of mention of cue and bin files.

I have been spending 2 days nows looking for the correct way to do this on the net, but to no luck. Everyone mostly says, oh, use Nero or this or that program, blah, blah, blah....

Curtis Vaughan

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