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Re: Urgent :Dual boot Debian+Mandrake with lilo

Hi Kent,
Thanks but i crashed my machine while playing around with lilo.So i am
reinstalling it all over again.
First is mandrake then debian
But i have a doubt while installing debian there is an option "make system
And we get two choices .
Since i have mandrake first and then debian
which option do i chose to write lilo over?( i.e while instlaling debian)
Over write mbr on ./dev/hda or
Write lilo on /dev/hda3 ( where debina is instlaled)
My confugration remains same.
In between , before reinstalling also i treid adding ext3 using modconf but i
couldnot find that fs . so i added it to /etc/modules , after that i gave a
reboot and i got lilo 010101 error:) so i am reinstalling all over.

Kent West wrote:

> Vijaya S wrote:
> >It didnt work Kent.
> >But it has to be mounted before i see it right
> >
> >
> No; you don't need to mount your Mandrake partitions in order to change
> the /etc/lilo.conf file on your Debian side. Since Debian is the last OS
> installed, I'm assuming that your current lilo is from Debian, not
> Mandrake, so it's the Debian lilo that needs to be modified.
> >So i treid to
> >mkdir /mandrake
> >mount -t auto /dev/hda1 /mandrake and then edit /etc/lilo.conf
> >but i get this error
> >demo:/# mount -t auto /dev/hda1 /mandrake
> >mount: fs type ext3 not supported by kernel
> >
> >
> This means that the /dev/hda1 has an ext3 journal, but your Debian
> kernel doesn't have ext3 support. Try "modprobe ext3" to add that
> support to the Debian kernel (for this boot only; to make it permanent,
> add "ext3" to /etc/modules, or use modconf instead to add the ext3 module).
> >so i tried using tune2fs to convert to ext3
> >
> >
> It's already ext3; you just need ext3 support in your kernel; you don't
> need to convert an ext3 fs to an ext3 fs.
> >i get this error
> >tune2fs -j /dev/hda1
> >tune2fs 1.27 (8-Mar-2002)
> >The filesystem already has a journal.
> >
> >how do i mount and add to lilo
> >regards,
> >vijaya
> >Kent West wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> Oh, btw, it's generally considered improper on this list to top-post
> (putting your answers above the previous context). Instead, you should
> answer directly below the context to which you're responding.
> >>Vijaya S wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >>>I iinstalled Mandrake 10 first  on the machine with /dev/hda1 as /
> >>>partition and then /dev/hda5 as swap .
> >>>It happened successfully.
> >>>Then i installed Debian on /dev/hda3 and mounted it as / partition.and
> >>>used /dev/hda5 as swap again.
> >>>But when i boot i get Debian only
> >>>I want to edit lilo to get both Mandrake and Debian in the bootloader
> >>>menu.
> >>>How can i get my Mandrake back ..I cannot boot Mandrake again.
> >>>
> >>>
> >>Boot into Debian; edit /etc/lilo.conf.
> >>
> >
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> Kent
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