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Re: Is Linux Unix?

On Sun, Jul 25, 2004 at 07:30:24AM -0700, Ryo Furue wrote:

> 1) The current stable version (which I use) is "old";
> 2) You thought I was using an obsolete version (potate or earlier).
> I don't know which is the correct interpretation, although
> your reference to "unstable" seems to suggest (1).
> I'm using the "newest" stable version. :)

In Debian-speak, "Stable" sometimes means "obsolete to the point that it
isn't actually useful."  This is because stable in this case is "unchanging
(except for security fixes)" and years go by between releases. 

People will argue that their server is running Stable, but I disagree, since
in every such case I'm aware of it's running mostly stable, but with several
programs either compiled from source or backported from Unstable.

There's no way around this unless Debian moves to more frequent releases,
which there is enormous (and perhaps justified) resistance to.
Carl Fink             carl@fink.to
Jabootu's Minister of Proofreading

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