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Re: Is Linux Unix?


Since Kent West has kindly clarified what I wanted to say, I'm not going to
repeat my main point.  Only the following:

Erik Steffl <steffl@bigfoot.com> wrote in message news:<2l4QK-4ZJ-3@gated-at.bofh.it>...
>    about particular software (nptl thread library) not being available 
> for woody: why not install it yourself? just because it's not available 
> as debian package does not mean you cannot install it. I can imagine 
> that this might not be possible in all cases but in general this 
> approach solves lot of portability problems (from one linux 
> distro/version to another linux or even unix distro/version).

In fact I looked at the homepage of nptl.  That was kind of scary to me :)
The page says that you need to use a rather new kernel and libc.  So, the
installation of nptl would mean: Back up everything, learn how to build kernel
since I've never done that before (my machine is dual-processor, and my kernel was
built by another guy), learn how large an impact upgrading libc will mean, and
so on.  If I had a leisure few days, I might try.  But, if I had a few days off,
I'd rather spend the time away from the computer screen!  I've had too much these
days in front of my workstation.

By the way, Intel compiler is really critical to my work.  So, I'm sticking
to version 7 of it, which is working.  But, one day I will need to switch to
version 8, because Intel won't fix bugs of version 7, let alone enhance its
features.  And, I don't expect the GNU Fortran 95 compiler will be even half
as mature as the Intel compiler in a few years.

Thank you all for your input,

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