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Re: Is Linux Unix?

On Fri, Jul 23, 2004 at 02:44:06PM -0700, Ryo Furue wrote:
> Hi,
> Since Kent West has kindly clarified what I wanted to say, I'm not going to
> repeat my main point.  Only the following:
> By the way, Intel compiler is really critical to my work.  So, I'm sticking
> to version 7 of it, which is working.  But, one day I will need to switch to
> version 8, because Intel won't fix bugs of version 7, let alone enhance its
> features.  And, I don't expect the GNU Fortran 95 compiler will be even half
> as mature as the Intel compiler in a few years.
Do you read the Beowulf lists? You might want to stick to version 7 in
any event because people are reporting bugs/slowness with version 8.

The Intel compiler appears to be becoming much more gcc compatible: GCC
is also improving and may provide good performance for many cases.

You may also want to look at specific high performance Fortran from PGI
/ Pathscale - who have better Linux support in general.  I have found
that if you ask commercial vendors nicely and outline a realistic
problem to them e.g. I'm buying a 512 node cluster which will run Debian
- can you provide drivers for your special interconnect boards? - they
  are much more willing to help
Have fun


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