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Re: how to edit a pdf file in linux

on Wed, Jul 21, 2004 at 12:36:37PM +0530, J.S.Sahambi (jsahambi@iitg.ernet.in) wrote:
> I just now saw that in windows the pdf files can be edited very nicely 
> and it can be used to add comments for revision. I found this feature 
> very interesting and useful for adding comments while reviewing research 
> papers. I would like to know can this be done in Linux?
> (Frankly speaking I dont want to boot windows for just adding comments 
> to a pdf file ;) )

I very much suspect that this is "editing" in the sense of adding a
layer to the document.  I've seen little technical information on how
this is done.  I suspect you could achieve similar effects with
considerably more effort elsewhere.

The point should be reiterated, however, that PDF is a *display* format,
not a preferred for for modifying texts, and in general, your best bet
is to go back to the source document itself.


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