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Re: very limited mirror needed

On Wednesday 21 July 2004 17:58, Steve Glines wrote:
> Thanks but that doesn't help - The lab I'm building has to be off
> line so I need to create the mirror first. With Redhat and SUSE all I
> had to do was copy the CD's to an http able location and use a
> network install. I can't seem to do that with Debian. I'm very
> frustrated.

Please try not to top-post, as it makes following the discussion 
impossible and also not to take the topic off-list. Someone else might 
have something valuable to say on your remarks, which would be 
impossible now that you sent a reply only to me.

You talked about a "very limited mirror", which hardly brings to mind 
making entire CDs available over HTTP. You can achieve what you need 
with apt-cacher, by importing all the packages of a freshly-installed 
system and making them available through apt-cacher. At that point, the 
lab can be off-line, save for the index updates that apt-cacher will 
check for, every 24 hours or so.

To simulate the RH/SuSE way of doing network installs, read the 
installation manual at the Debian website - it has a very similar, but 
in no way "slim", method of network installation.



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