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Re: Confounded by Firestarter "Issues"...

On 07/21/04 03:30, listcomm@ml1.net wrote:
I'm trying to configure Firestarter (0.8xx) as a "Personal Firewall" (I
that's heresy in some quarters) and seem to be missing some fundamental

Heresy?  Why?

I have it set up and running and I can get data through it.  The problem
is that I can't seem to dope out how to properly set it up for packet

This is not a difficult package to install; I did it as a non-technical newbie. Maybe you're making it more complex than it is?

I run Firestarter 0.9.2 and haven't touched it since installation in November. It just runs automatically from the init script, like all the other Linux services. I just opened it up now to remember what it looks like. ;) Its GUI is very easy to use to configure your firewall, and I use it to protect this desktop box. If you use the pull-down menu item Edit -> Preferences -> Services, just check the boxes for services you want enabled to the public. It's as easy as configuring ZoneAlarm, but even more configurable, as I recall.

Supposedly (at least according to dicsucsions on the "sourceforge"
it should by default block all incoming data *except* that which is
being sent
back in response to an outgoing communication (all of which are supposed
be enabled, by default).  It doesn't do any of that...  I ended up

Mine works out-of-the box. I do remember changing some of the settings, as needed, in the preferences from the GUI, as mentioned above. I changed Reject to Deny, for example.

I thought the idea was to explicitly permit only certain *ports* to
but so far, I can't figure out any way to make *that* work...

Use the Preferences to do this for Incoming by type of Service. I don't see how to do that for Outgoing, or even if that is a capability of Firestarter. Remember, this isn't windows -- you don't need the same kind of "leak" protection from rogue programs calling home (I hope).

Is there some dark secret to determining exactly which ports what
are using, so that they can be selectively enabled in the Firestarter

Standard protocols.

Or is there some obscure requirement for syntax in specifying ports
(i.e. more
than just the port number or service name?) that's somehow escaped me?

Thus far, no amount of Web trolling has produced any specific answers...
about to go delve into some of the Unix security books... hopefully
someone here
can enlighten me?

Have you looked at http://firestarter.sourceforge.net/manual/rules.php ?


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