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Digital Camera and Hotplug

I have just purchased an Olympus C-745 Ultra Zoom digital camera, and I would 
like to use it with digikam.

Firstly, I am confused.  The various HOWTOs for cameras say that Olympus 
Cameras are usb mass storage compatible - and that to access them there is a 
need to mount the appropriate device.  However there are a lot of other 
Olympus camera's supported in the standard list (which looks like that 
produced by libgphoto2) but not this model (which appears to be brand new).  
Is it the case that there are two alternate mechanisms for accessing these 
cameras?  Would it be possible to edit the new model details into a file 
someplace to make it work? (I did try autodetect, and it found another model 
of Olympus and then failed to work).

If I mount the camera manually it works perfectly after I have configured  
digikam to work with the mount point I have selected for the camera.  Is it 
possible to use hotplug scripts to do the various mounting etc automatically?  
If so can someone point me in the direction of the appropriate FAQ.


Alan Chandler
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
 then they fight you, then you win. --Gandhi

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