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Re: Software RAID 1 reiserfs fails to boot because of fsck

Ary you using stock kernel 2.6.6? If so, compile a customised one with built-in reiserfs and raid support.

Jimmy Liang wrote:

Hi All,

I must be missing something here, but I just set up a software RAID 1 on Sarge, using raidtools2. I was able to use /etc/init.d/raid2 script to start and stop the raid, and am able to mount the /dev/md0 drive.
The problem comes when i put the mount into fstab. If I use
"/dev/md0 /backup reiserfs defaults 0 2" The boot would fail, and it complains that the partition needs to be fscked manually. I'm thinking that the raid hasn't started, so thats why there's nothing to fsck, because if I use "/dev/md0 /backup reiserfs defaults 0 0"
in fstab, it boots up fine.

Can anyone give me some hints as to how to get fsck working on this software raid 1?



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