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Re: LPRng, Debian, and OS X

Jim McCloskey wrote:

|> And what's wrong with CUPS? It's what's on your Mac.

Well, it's not *my* Mac .....  More seriously, I've configured CUPS
before on a different system, and that experience was as horrific as
Eric Raymond's[1].  And using CUPS to solve this tiny problem seems
like overkill in the extreme,


[1] http://www.catb.org/~esr/writings/cups-horror.html

He wasn't using the tools you'd use. I set up an HP 3550 last week. I configured CUPS using my web browser. When I chose a "USB" printer, there it was.

There were more questions than there should have been, but it beat the last version of Red Hat's tool that I used (likely on RHL 7.3, I don't recall whether I set it up on my FC2 box and it's out at present).

In KDE, I had to say it's a CUPS printer on that there pooter and that was about it. I don't recall that it was harder than setting up a printer on my Mac.

If I didn't have all the right software in place, it would have been different: OSX installed pretty much everything so when I came to set up an HP LJ1200 it had the drivers.



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