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Re: courier-imap-ssl "server disconnect" error behind firewall

On Tue, Jul 13, 2004 at 07:33:37 -0700, Vadik wrote:
> I use courier-imap-ssl and I have mozilla connection to a few accounts 
> at the same time, so my MAXPERIP=40.  With this setup I have absolutely 
> no problem from home, but from the work I often get "server disconnect" 
> error.  I think that firewall at my work is a problem, but is there 
> anything I can do (with courier or mozilla configuration) to fix it?

If you're running sid (or perhaps sarge), it could just be
http://bugs.debian.org/254731 ; try installing the 0.45.6-1 versions of the
courier packages. 

I think Microsoft should say, "You'll get a check from Bill Gates every time
you find an error."
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