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Re: Keeping a customized file from being updated during package upgrade

On Tue, 13 Jul 2004 09:30:18 +0200, Silvan wrote:

>> Also look into the tput program. You tell it what you want (bold,
>> green, etc.) and it outputs appropriate magic for your current
>> terminal.
> Sounds interesting, but any syntax examples?  I couldn't make heads or
> tails of it.

Here's a bash prompt I used for a while. It makes the hostname part bold.

  # my prompt
  BOLD=`tput bold`
  NORM=`tput sgr0`
  export PS1="\# [\u@\[$BOLD\]\h\[$NORM\] \w]\$ "

(Yes, srg0 means normal.)

I suppose Googling may help. The man page on Debian is not so helpful.



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