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Re: is it possible to change apt-get's access priorities?

On 2004-07-09, listcomm@ml1.net penned:
> Thanks!  Yes, that's essentially what I'm after.
> I don't have an "apt.preferences" file...  I'll generate one as you
> suggest.  I read what docs. I found on the "apt.preferences" file, and
> couldn't figure out how it would fix my priority problem with the
> CD-ROM for the stable release, since the CD-ROM entries are first in
> order in the "sources.list" file, which from what I could tell was
> supposed to guarantee their priority.  (I already stumbled over the
> cache limit problem and fixed that, but the "APT::Default-Release
> "stable";" entry, which I also tried, caused a "Bad syntax at end of
> apt.conf" file error (I'll go recheck the syntax *again*...).
> Thanks again -- that gives me some new tactics to employ...

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