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Re: Keeping a customized file from being updated during package upgrade

--- Ken Long <klong@memach.com> wrote: 

> Sooooo, I had this bright idea to replace shutdown with a script that
> would take an additional parameter of the hostname of the system.  The
> script would then check the hostname given on the commandline against
> the hostname of the system it was being run on and only pass on the rest
> of the parameters to the real shutdown command if they matched.

You could just not be a klutz, of course. :)

> So, here is my question.  How can I make it so that if I upgrade the
> sysvinit package on a system, it will either just not touch the
> /sbin/shutdown file, or better yet, redirect the new /sbin/shutdown file
> to /sbin/shutdown.real instead?  Is that possible?

dpkg -i --force-confold /var/lib/info/dpkg/name_of_deb.deb

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