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Re: Unidentified subject!

JOHN WALL wrote:

I`ve installed Debian GNU v3.0r2(non us) Everything seemed
OK until I was asked for the user name and passwords to log in, this
I inserted and instead of getting a GUI or some sort of window
all that happened was I got a flashing curser. I`ve tried different
flavours but get the same results and I`m fed up reading help
pages off the internet. Why doesn`t anything happen if the
program has installed ? Near the end of program running there
was some seek error messages

seek errors probably are not indicative of a good thing.

My guess is that whatever's wrong (scratched CD, flakey IDE controller, iffy RAM), your system is not getting properly installed.

I'd suggest popping a live CD (knoppix.org, etc) into your system and seeing if it boots up properly. What you've described "feels" like a hardware problem.


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