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Re: Linux reports incorrect CPU speed

On Sun, Jul 04, 2004 at 12:12:45AM +0100, Piers Kittel wrote:
> Hmmm good point - even using the bf24 kernel, the speed feels the 
> same...  I'm sure this should feel a little faster considering its a 
> 750MHz CPU...?  Or is it just KDE being bloaty?

KDE is being bloaty, that's for sure! There are various ways to check
your CPU speed. For example, you can run glxgears. If you don't have a
dri enabled 3D card, it will use software rendering and that is _very_
CPU intesive. Check the framerate. Or compile a kernel (or any large
source project), or take a mathematics package and calculate the inverse
of a large matrix and time it, or ...

> Thanks very much for your help!

You're welcome!


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