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Re: nfs-kernel-server and firewalls

Tadeusz Bak wrote:

On Thu, 1 Jul 2004, Tom Allison wrote:

Portmapper sits on one port, but it's redirecting the nfs connection all
over the place.  I can't seem to nail it down to one set of ports.

The rpc services called by portmaper can be binded to specific ports, see
man pages for details. To find out what services are registered run:
rpcinfo -p


I have one connection working, always did.
The working machine is on, the non-working machine is on (DMZ)


These are identical on both machines
/etc/hosts.allow is identical on both machines (empty)

I've opened up port 111 (sunrpc) for both udp and tcp protocols
and restarted both the port mapper and the nfs-kernel-server.

Now I get iptables blocking on port 989/udp->989/udp (ftps-data) which doesn't make any sense. Next time I try to mount I get 995->989 and it keeps changing with each trial of 'mount -t nfs cling:/var/www/ /cling/' (cling is the machine name, DNS works great!).

I'm not really sure what's roaming on the IP addresses, but I kind of can't use that under a firewalled device.

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