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Re: Mozilla Print Problem

Keith O'Connell(kroc@blueyonder.co.uk) is reported to have said:
>     >> I am using testing at the present, and I have an oddity
>     >> with mozilla. I don't have occassion to print from mozilla very
>     >> often, but I did once last week and again last night and the
>     >> problem existed on both occassions.
>     >> 
>     >> I print a page. It looks good in the print preview, but when I
>     >> send it to my printer, it is reduced so that it only fills the
>     >> top teft hand quarter of the A4 page. The print is set to 100%
>     >> size.
>     WT> See the Xprint_FAQ (if you are using xprt-xprintorg).
> That was it! Change 600 to 300 and all works just fine - Thank you!

Your welcome!  Thanks for reporting back as it may help others having
the same problem!


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