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Re: dcopserver would not run

Ogya Chief wrote:

Hi All,

Last night I wanted to install Konqueror on my Sarge box and I decided to use dselect for the installation. Dselect indicated that Konqueror was installed so I marked it for deletion and went ahead and deleted it but it deleted about 50 other KDE packages. I noted down all the packages that were being deleted. I had to press control-C several times to abort the operation.

All the packages deleted were reinstalled but KDE would not start; I got the following error messages:
  There was an error setting up inter-process communications for KDE.
  The message returned by the system was:
  Could not read network connection list. /home/<username>/.DCOPserver-
  Please check that the "dcopserver" program is running.

The dcopserver program was not running and I attempted to run it manually as root user but I got the following error:
  dcopserver: relocation error: /usr/lib/dcopserver.so: undefined
  symbol: _KDE_IcePoMagicCookielProc.

I cannot run any KDE application anymore. Man page on dcopserver is terse and Dwww does not work either so getting more information on my system is impossible.

Does anybody what what is broken on my system?

Thanks in advance for any leads/pointers.

try these commands:
apt-get -q update
apt-get -fu install
# If that doesn't look harmful, reply "y."
apt-get install konqueror



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