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Re: dcopserver would not run

On Tue, Jun 29, 2004 at 09:27:13AM +0200, Ogya Chief wrote:
> Hi All,
> Last night I wanted to install Konqueror on my Sarge box and I decided to 
> use dselect for the installation. Dselect indicated that Konqueror was 
> installed so I marked it for deletion and went ahead and deleted it but it 
> deleted about 50 other KDE packages. I noted down all the packages that 
> were being deleted. I had to press control-C several times to abort the 
> operation.
> I cannot run any KDE application anymore. Man page on dcopserver is terse 
> and Dwww does not work either so getting more information on my system is 
> impossible.
> Does anybody what what is broken on my system?

No I don't know, but I had similar problems on a sarge PC.  In the end
I just removed kde and stopped trying to use it. 

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