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Re: usb key,debian and encryption.

On Monday 28 June 2004 17:20, liz wrote:

> Heres a quick question. I have a USB key that I use for storing my
> resume etc.... rsa key etc on ... Im concerned about the data on it
> and I would like to encrypt it in case it gets lost and falls into the
> wrong hands. Is there any utility out there that works with both
> windows and debian that would let me do this?

You can get GnuPG as source code and compiled for GNU/Linux (Debian
packages, RPM packages), Mac OS X, RISC OS and Windows.  This page has
downloads for some of these and links for others:


I've heard of a GUI Windows utility called GPGTray but I haven't tried
it.  I'd expect the file formats for all these versions to be
compatible, but I haven't tried it.

You might want to ask in comp.security.pgp.discuss too.

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