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Re: HP DL140 with Debian stable can't see the Broadcom network card

Jacob Friis Larsen wrote:
> I have just bought a HP DL140.

I am very happy for you.  :-)

> Installation was fine, but I can not make Debian stable see the Broadcom 
> network card.

You say debian stable which means either 2.4.18 or 2.2.20, right?
Neither of those linux kernels have broadcom support.  You either need
to do one of two things to get broadcom support.  But either work very

1. Install the broadcom driver as an addon to the kernel you have.


2. Install a newer kernel and use the tg3 module.


If you want to stay with the stable kernel then use the first option,
get the source and build the module.  If you want to jump ahead and
get the new kernel then use the second option.  You will need to
continue to do so if security vulnerabilities are found.  But many
people prefer it.


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