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Re: apt-get: how to circumvent automatic removal

On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 04:54:49AM +0200, Daniel Klein wrote:

> The thing I was trying to do was quite simply this: I wanted to run a 
> second ftp server on another port range. Next to the already installed 
> proftpd I wanted to run a vsftpd. However, the cow thought that, 'well, 
> that's a new ftp server! He won't need the old one! Let's throw it out, 
> including the conf files!'. 

It wouldn't delete the conf files unless requested to ("purge").

What if (as someone else already posted) they both supply files named
"/usr/bin/ftpd"?  You CANNOT have both installed then, can you?

Why not run a second instance of proftpd listening to the other port?
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