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Re: Video Camera

Apparently, _Keith O'Connell_, on 06/25/04 14:44,typed:

        I am thinking of buying my daughter a video camera, and I am
        looking for a little advice. Is there within Debian like tools
        for getting MPEG files off a camera, onto a linuc box and
        software to view them, or better still edit trhem?

        The camera (a cheap one from Amaxon) appears to use MPEG-4,
        and I am sure I heard that this was to be a closed format with
        royalties charged for it's use. Is this then not a good way to

        I've just read what I've typed and it is quite obvious that I
        don't even know the right questions to ask!

        No doubt others have trod this path. Is there an appropriate
        site I should go to and read? I have googled but only seem to
        get references to MPEG-[1-3], or sites offering to sell


I have tried Cinelerra(to grab video and some editing) and Kino (non-linear editing) to capture and make movies from my MiniDV TRV24 Sony camcorder. Have't sorted out all the problem (can't compile Cinelerra on Debian Sarge yet :( ), but I guess these two programs are a nice combo for video editing and format changing. YMMV.


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