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Perl/Webmin/CPAN/ question (LONG)

Hey group. This is the situation. I have a Debian SID installation. I have 
Perl installed from Debian. I want to run Interchange on this system. 
Interchange 'requires' non-threaded Perl. I have built & installed  a 
non-threaded Perl in /usr/local/share/perl This keeps it from being an issue 
as it is NOT the default Perl that the Debian system recoginzes. I also need 
to install several modules that are required by interchange to operate 
properly. I have read the instruction on CPAN about how to install & use a 
non-standard module,,but I believe that will screw up the Debian default as 
it resets @INC for the system. I also would like to set up webmin to manage 
the second Perl installation. I currently see no way to do that.  When I 
tried to set up webmin's perl management, I saw that it too looked like it 
might mess up th Debian Perl installation. i tried the Bundle for Interchange 
Kitchen sink & it installed it to the secondary perl installation. However I 
tried others an one of them was installed into the Debian stub system. i do 
NOT want that. I need to keep the two installations completely separate. Any 
ideas, critiques, etc are welcome.
John Foster

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