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debian sarge xfree86 problem

i have just discovered a problem with my system. I wasn't sure how to report it or where (i'm relatively new to linux). I did do some search, but i'm at a loss. Anyway, a couple of days ago i upgrade to the latest version of debian sarge distribution. As you probably know, everything got upgraded. Anyway, i'm running xfree86 and icewm. When i played a mpeg file, suddenly the whole thing restarted, and i had to log in again. At first i thought it was the web site, but regardless of where the file comes from, or what program it runs on, the whole thing restarts whenever i play an mpeg file. What's going on? Is this a bug? This didn't happen before the upgrade. I've tried to re-run all the upgrades, but the same thing always happens. Thanks for you time.

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