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Re: Is there any idea to disable <Ctrl_Alt_Backspace>?

On Friday 25 June 2004 08:48, Alexis Huxley hurled the following on the wire:
> Yes, comment out the 'ca' entry in /etc/inittab and get init
> to reload the config file with the command 'telinit q'.
> You need to be root to do both.
> Alexis

I've got this in my /etc/inittab:

ca::ctrlaltdel:/usr/bin/clear & /usr/bin/wall < /root/ctrlaltdel

/root/ctrlaltdel looks like:

[root@sirius sds]# cat /root/ctrlaltdel
Aiai - The three finger salute

What exactly where you thinking when you pressed Ctrl-Alt-Del ??
I don't know what your idea of acting funny is, but this is not
the kind of stuff that I want going on on my terminals.
There's a reason why Ctrl-Alt-Del is called the three finger salute
in the Unix world. This combination normally executes this command:
                /sbin/shutdown -t3 -r now
You proved before that you aren't very smart, but I do believe that
you understand what would have happened if we didn't foresee this
do you?
Just be glad that we thought about the braindead windows users who
want to press Ctrl-Alt-Del on anything with keys on it, or we would
have had to open a can of whoop-ass on your sorry ass.

Honestly, I'm a bit pissed of


All in good fun :)


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