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Re: Which Spam Block List to use for a network?

On Saturday 19 June 2004 08:40, Paul Johnson wrote:

> Spamcop is what I use.  I recommend it.  I also respectfully demand
> that for whatever list you use, you reject it WITHOUT mentioning the
> blackhole list.  It's not the list's fault that you decided to use
> their listings as grounds for rejection, they don't need flak properly
> directed at you.  

How is the sender (in the case of a false positive) supposed to figure
out why his mail is rejected?  From previous discussions on this group,
I think we agree that mailrouters should not blindly block all dynamic
IPs -- how would you feel if someone rejected your mail because it was
coming from a dynamic IP but didn't tell you that?

> Furthermore, be sure you have exceptions so 
> mandatory recipients like postmaster and abuse always accept whether
> or not the sending host is listed in a BL or your site will get listed
> in rfc-ignorant.org's blacklists around the first time someone who is
> aware of rfc-ignorant.org tries to report a mail problem or network
> abuse.

I just had a look at http://www.rfc-ignorant.org/policy-postmaster.php
and it seems OK to use blacklists for postmaster, but only if the
rejection clearly states the reason:

quote> After careful consideration, there seemed to be a
quote> consensus among users that use of blacklists, etc., did
quote> not meet the "narrowly tailored" requirements for
quote> blocking mail to postmaster, but that it would be
quote> undesirable to list sites simply for employing the MAPS
quote> RBL and such on their postmaster address. It was
quote> decided that we wouldn't list folks if the rejection
quote> message for postmaster seemed to indicate the reason
quote> for denial ("{ip} rejected as listed on the MAPS RBL",
quote> etc.)

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