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2.6.6 ignores tulip (DC21041)

I'm stumped on this one. I've been playing around for a while with
2.6.6 on AMD (x86), trying to get it to recognise my DEC 21041 (tulip)
PCI network card. FWIW, 2.4.25 and earlier all work fine with it.

I've googled (web and news), and generally had a look around but cannot
see anyone else having similar problems.

I run it at 10 MBit/s half duplex. The modules.conf line for 2.4.25 is
"alias eth0 tulip". The equivalent for 2.6.6 might be "alias eth0 de2104x",
but I'm still getting my head round the new modutils stuff.

At boot the card appears to be recognised, and everything looks like
it's been initialised correctly. However, I never see any data packets.

Ideas, anyone, before I report a formal bug?


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