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Re: OT wordprocessing anyone?

On Friday 11 June 2004 20:18, Brad Sims wrote:
> Hrm, Abiword, Koffice are options, Kile is an option if you
> like LaTeX but despise Lyx,.

I have cracked it now -- I think.  I am going with memoir and Kile -- 
and learning a lot about LaTeX in the process.  I tried 
Vim+LatexSuite for a day, and eventually decided I prefer Kile, which 
seems to give me more of the latex output, making it easier to locate 
> Give Scribus a try.

Just in case anybody reads this recommendation:  I do use Scribus, and 
find it excellent.  But beware printing multiple copies from scribus 
through cups.  It delivers the square of the number of copies 
selected!  I discovered this when I tried to print three copies of a 
seventeen-page document, and received nine copies -- at least until 
the paper ran out.


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