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Re: Please advise me...

Cecil wrote:

But how does OS X perform for the following things:

Coding(various languages and sorts of apps)
Not being a coder, I can't speak to this.

Can I run linux apps on it?

Yes, no, sort of. Many Linux apps have OS/X versions; some apps run on the X11 server that can be installed on OS/X.

Also, you can go the other way; install Debian on a Mac laptop, then install MOL (MacOnLinux) and run OS/X on top of Debian, but there'll be some limitations.

I will be mainly coding on this little thing, email, and the usual things(research, research papers, etc)
Does anyone code on this?

On what? OS/X? an iBook? a Dell laptop, as was mentioned in the post to which you replied?

Am I wasting my time thinking about using this as my code machine for the next 4-5 years?
Again, what do you mean by "this". I saw no reference to any particular machine in the post to which you replied, except your "only other alternative" of an iBook.


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