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Re: funny bug causing powerdown on install

Incoming from xyroth:
> For some reason, when attempting to install debian (sarge) on one of my
> k6-2/400 machines, it appears to install mostly, and then suddenly powers
> the machine down before completing.
> As you can imagine, this makes it somewhat tricky trying to track down the
> problem.
> It is also not debian specific, as I have tried redhat9, fedora 2 and
> mandrake 10.0 and they all show the same problem (in different stages of the
> install).
> Surprisingly, tom's root boot shows no problem at all in booting, leaving it
> all very strange and mysterious.

If there's anything in the BIOS you can turn off or set to more
sensible / generic values, do so.  PnP, mouse, boot sector virus
protection, ...

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