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autogenerate Re: Website creating software

On Wed, 9 Jun 2004, S.D.A. wrote:

> I'm not knocking those using Vi, Vi(m) or Emacs, they're probably experts at
> writing raw HTML. However, I have my doubts, that way, works in an efficient
> standardized workflow, within a workgroup, where others are using Visual IDE's
> -- In fact I know it wouldn't, as we've tried it.

one has to enter the raw data some place ...
	- vi is good for etnering data into the db

use # html.generate.pl   to create all the web pages on the fly
	- and it'd create online forms too 
	- and making global changes would be trivial
	( like your company and address and ph# changes )

	- use your fav programs ( perl, php, C ) to create web pages 
	fast and efficiently

html pages has to be created by automated programs ... if one wants to
scale  and if one wants to be able to do interactive pages

c ya

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