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Re: Cobalt

> If the hardware supports it, you should be able to boot it from a tftp
> server. The process is described in the install manual:
> http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/installmanual
> There's also a procedure described to install from an existing unix/linux
> installation. I guess you could try that too. It would require you to

That would be great (if I could find it). I have a beetle pc from siemens, 
which has no cdrom support, and the floppy controler does not recognize 
changing disks. But Mandrake is already installed, so if I could install 
debian from there... but how?

> Good luck. I hope you understand English. I might understand German (more
> or less) but I'm not up to the task of formulating my answer in German.

If not I can help

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