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Re: Website creating software

On Monday 07 June 2004 17:12, H. S. wrote:
> Apparently, _richard lyons_, on 06/07/04 04:37,typed:
> > knowing or writing html -- a wysiwyg editor.  Mozilla writes crap
> > html.
> Could you expand on this issue? I have used Mozilla composer and
> apart from tweaking its code a bit (stuff related to CSS), I
> haven't had any major problmes. I would like to know its short
> comings so that I may consider changing over to ... quanta? or
> amaya? or something else.

To be honest, it is a while since I used moz composer.  So I don 
remember a lot.  I recollect it sprinkles <br> tags all over the 
place, including before every </p>.  Also, working in wysiwig, you 
never know if it has used a sprinkling of <br>s or a new para, or 
some of each.  It used to keep adding blank lines in the code too, so 
each time you switched from wysiwig to code view things were spaced 
out by one more line at the points it had decided to indicate a 
break.  I recollect it was easy to get nestings twisted. -- There 
were a lot of other more structural issues, I think. As I say, it 
been a while and perhaps I should have kept quiet: maybe they've 
fixed it now.

I quite liked quanta -- but had to remember to save often -- I expect 
that too is more stable by now.  I've just looked at screem, 
suggested by someone else here.  Looks good, so I shall be trying it 
next time.

I don't suppose that is helpful in the least.


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