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Re: [YA] SBLive 5.1 but no sound (ALSA)

On Mon, 07 Jun 2004 21:18:12 -0400, Chris Metzler wrote:

> On Sun, 06 Jun 2004 23:46:48 -0600
> Hamilcar Barca <rejnccw02@sneakemail.com> wrote:
>> [SB Live 5.1 + ALSA problems]
>> 0000:00:0c.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Live!
>>              EMU10k1 (rev 0a)
> 		[ snip ]
>> 0000:00:0c.0 Class 0401: 1102:0002 (rev 0a)
> OK, this shoots down my second idea.

Thank you for your assistance, Chris.  I appreciate it.

Here are a couple of details which I omitted:

* I disabled the VIA 8235 in the BIOS.  (I certainly don't want it but do
  I need its AC97 stuff?)
* The SB Live is sharing an IRQ.  (Scant details below.)

The lack of a large number of complaints about the board lead me to
believe it's simply a configuration problem on my system.  Virtually all
of the solutions offered for a lack of sound involve unmuting the
outputs.  I've tried every mixer I can find on my system, now including
gnome-alsa-mixer, gnome-volume-control, kmix, and alsa-mixer (this one as
user and as root).

I spent about four more hours searching with Google and probably an
additional three hours reconfiguring, recompiling, rebooting, and/or
remixing.  I'm tired of it.

> Your ALSA modules list, from your earlier post, looks just fine.

After various and sundry and random attempts to fix the problem, I find
that when I rebuild ALSA, the number of modules loaded has decreased
greatly.  In my fit of hacking, I don't know what I've done differently.

Here's what I discovered: If I build the kernel's (OSS?) emu10k1 module, I
get sound from my system.  I'd like to get ALSA working and it seems like
giving up just to use the kernel's code.  I'm going to leave it until the 
weekend when my frustration level is back to normal.

> So sorry, [...]

No apologies necessary.

> [...] but I'm going to have to ask you for a couple more pieces of
> information.  First, I'd like to see what your machine says during boot
> about the soundcard.

I didn't write down the exact wording, but I got the numbers which go
something like this when ALSA is loading:

  Found device at PCI address 00:0c.0. Using IRQ 5 for 00:0c.0
  Sharing IRQ 5 with 00:10.2

PCI 00:10.2 is a VT6202, identified as the second of three USB 2.0
controllers. I don't have any USB devices.  I didn't think to try
disabling one or more controllers in the BIOS.

> [nice instructions on configuring dmesg log, which I'll try soon]
> Second, you said that "play" didn't work.  But can you elaborate? Does
> it say *anything*?

Yes.  It displays the name of the file being played and the pauses for
what seems to be the appropriate amount of time to play the WAV file on
the output device.  Then, I get my command prompt back.

> Any error message or anything like that?

None.  Nothing generates any error messages that I can find, although I've
only looked at the console (for "play") and ~/.gnome-errors (for
everything else).

> What happens if you take some .wav file and use cat to send it
> directly to /dev/dsp, e.g. "cat foo.wav > /dev/dsp"?  Do you hear
> anything then?

I'll attempt that, also.

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