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Re: [YA] SBLive 5.1 but no sound (ALSA)

On Friday 04 June 2004 11:49 pm, Hamilcar Barca wrote:

> * The following modules are now loaded (I removed the

All looks good.

> What can I try next?

The SB Live! mixer is an absolute bitch to figure out.  You're very likely 
having mixer issues.

I still have an old something saved somewhere in KDE that restores the mixer 
settings for my old soundcard (functionally similar to the on-board audio you 
replaced.)  When I or any of my other users log in, the "IEC958 Optical Raw 
Playback" gets turned on, and I get no sound out of the thing until I turn it 
back off.

I've used KMix, Kamix, alsamixer, gnome-alsamixer and I can't control this 
stupid thing consistently with any of them.  The only mixer I've found that 
works for letting me jiggle all the right buttons and sliders is QAMix/KAMix, 
which is not part of Debian.

I've got a package going that should probably install on a recent Sarge or 
Sid.  I still haven't worked out why it has no icon.  You have to click on 
the empty spot in the system tray to get to the thing.  It installs with the 
binary renamed "kqamix" to avoid confusion with Kamix (which is entirely 

Anyway, it might be worth trying it.  If somebody else is actually using this  
I'll take another crack at hacking it to get the icon working.  (Also let me 
know if it doesn't work.  I had to write my own install script for it from 
scratch, and I made some mistakes.  I think the current one works, but my 
system isn't virgin anymore, so it's not a fair test.)


Or ask and I'll throw up the debianized sources.

Michael McIntyre  ----   Silvan <dmmcintyr@users.sourceforge.net>
Linux fanatic, and certified Geek;  registered Linux user #243621

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